D Family

Hi Everyone! Just wanted to share some photos from a session I had earlier this week. It is kind of funny because I knew the location I wanted to go to but I wanted to scope out the place....so I got to the park a few minutes early. I finally found a really nice location tucked behind the park .....and I was thinking how nice and peaceful it was back there. Nobody around......well, not 5 minutes later and 2 photographers showed up with their clients, lol. We were nice.....we 'shared' our spot :) Thanks to the D family......I have been able to capture photos of their family as they have grown. I love love when mamas coordinate the colors so beautifully and I can always count on this family coming dressed so lovely. The mom from this session actually coordinates the colors to go along with rooms in the house where the future photos will be placed (shhh, don't tell her I told you that). No, really that is such a great tip to share with everyone....it just makes sense! Thanks D family.....hope you enjoy your photos!

The weather .........

I had posted  a comment about how beautiful the weather had been lately in good ol WI......since I posted that .........there has been nothing but rainy days......last weekends Maternity session had to be rescheduled because it began to rain an hour before the session! October is filling up fast! I will keep an eye on this weather this month..........but don't forget Christmas & New Years are right around the corner....schedule your session soon to be able to get your cards out in time! Take advantage of Wisconsin's beautiful natural backdrop........the colors are simply breath taking!

40 yr Anniversary and counting .......

 Today I got to capture some family moments for this special couple who is celebrating 40 years of marriage! I think I have known them since I was a rebellious teenager. Thank you to their children who thought it would be nice to  get some portraits for them as an anniversary gift. So incredibly sweet! Happy 40th Anniversary Mr & Mrs A!  So many sweet moments captured of your beautiful family!

....and here are some more from the session........

love grandma's face in this one :)

Welcome JP.

It is an honor to be able to photograph our newest addition! A few weeks ago, I was up watching the Cowboy's Sunday night game (yes, Cowboy's FAN) .....actually I fell asleep before the game ended ...oops. I was 40 wks 2 days pregnant! I woke up to some painful contractions Monday @ 1 a.m. I began to time them....sure enough...5 min apart. I called my in laws so they could take our other kiddos......then woke my husband up. You know that scene you see on the movies .......everyone rushing every which way......well, I was always told that that wasn't how it went in real life...but it sure felt like that. haha. When Scott & I got to triage......we realized my  bag with the most dear thing to my heart (lol) MY CAMERA was left sitting at home!! :( Even my phone was in there. My husband had remembered his phone....so that is what we used for photos.......so he has all the 'first photos' on his phone (which reminds me, I should put them on the computer).....he even recorded the first cry.....prob my fav moment, next to meeting our baby! I have cried at the sound of the first cry of all our children. My belly was HUGE so I was sure I was going to have a 9 or l0 lb baby but he came out a thin 8'13 lbs & 21 1/2 inches long...at 5:47(?) in the morning! I LOVE the look of my husbands face everytime he meets our babies. He simply sits there in awe.....and melts with every sound the baby makes. See .......
  going home....
 (one week old)

anyway......we are glad to have him here! I ended up with an extended stay at the hospital due to developing Eclampsia afterwards....but I am trying to forget that awful part.....so we will leave it out. I have been waiting for some 79/80 weather to photograph him outdoors! Finally the great weather returned and we took a trip to grandma's house (who lives in the country).  With a full belly and a nice rock a bye song......he SLEPT like a baby...(oh wait). It was so fun to get to photograph him. Excited to put a photo on canvas! Over all....we are over the moon with him! A family of 5 is pretty nice!  I will be back from Maternity leave this weekend.......I look forward to capturing YOUR moments! Happy Fall! ps...the cap he is wearing on a few photos.....was the very first hat put on him after he was born....the nurse threw it in the garbage when he got his first bath............I grabbed it back out for his keepsake box! It was full of ...well, what babies are filled with when they first come out....but after a good wash it was good as new....and worked out perfect for some of his photos :)



in case you don't follow my business page on facebook........I will be returning from maternity leave the last week of September! We are loving our newest son!

R Familia Session

Many thanks to the R Familia for putting up with crazy mosquitos at their session! They sure have one sweet little girl that likes to make them smile :) I am really loving all the colors mama picked out for their session too! Here are a few more photos for the R Family sneak peek! 

 haha...love this 'take out' :)

making daddy smile